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Every mountain biking accessories and gears including MTB shorts tend to be expensive because of the wide options they provide to have a comfortable and protective ride. But what’s the reason?

Why are mountain bike shorts so expensive?

MTB shorts are expensive because of their quality which makes them more durable, waterproof, long and padded, baggy, and also good at giving protection to the hip region of your body. They also come with extra pockets and also very stretchy which helps you have better room for pedaling. 

Some of the newbies keep complaining about shorts being expensive. Whereas the experienced riders are willing to pay higher prices for these shorts because of their durability and comfortability.

In this article, I’ll discuss everything about why mountain bike shorts are expensive and other queries related to this question.

What are the reasons behind mountain biking shorts being expensive?

  • The first reason would be protection. As you know mountain biking is a challenging sport along with that mountain bikers ride on technical terrains which include rocks, mud, branches, dirt, etc as common obstacles. Whenever they meet with an accident the lower body is more prone to the ground that’s where the expensive MTB shorts come into play. They are very durable and strong so that they don’t get teared up easily.
  • The second reason would be the quality of MTB shorts. When it comes to mountain biking, bikers are hit in all the weather conditions which include rainy, sunny, and also snowy conditions. In all these conditions you’re more prone to sweat or get wet because of rainy conditions. This is where mountain biking shorts come into play, they’re designed to be moisture-wicking or waterproof. Because of this quality, MTB shorts are dry all the time, and there’s no reason for being tensed for wet clothes.
  • Talking about the mountain biking shorts quality, they are proof. Keeping your biking shorts dry also helps with keeping the crotch & genital area and hip area dry. This prevents the possibility of getting irritation and skin rashes which is another example of discomfort.
  • The typical mountain biking shorts mentioned are mostly baggy. When it comes to better-pedaling efficiency and riding comfortability, baggy shorts are amazing. To have better-pedaling efficiency you need to have a better range of motion and more room for your legs to move, this is why baggy shorts are expensive. They’re not too tight and not too loose. They fit perfectly around your hips to give you extra comfort.
  • Also, typical mountain biking baggy shorts are long. Long shorts offer you much more protection against obstacles like bushes and rocks if you fall from the bike or if you get hit with an accident.
  • Another advantage and reason for shorts being expensive is their protection against seat saddle while riding. If you’re not comfortable with the saddle, you’ll not be able to ride with comfort for a long time. Most of the MTB shorts are multi-layered chamois padded. This acts as a cushion for you while sitting on your seat which chaffing.
  • Typical Mountain biking shorts have extra pockets. These pockets are not too loose and they hold up your portable things like phones, cash, chocolates lol, keys, and many more. These pockets are not loose, they’re designed to have zippers that keep your commodities safe.
  • Mountain biking shorts give you more room for mountain biking. Most of the time in technical terrain, you’ll be changing positions to tackle the path and because of the stretchy material used in MTB shorts, you can easily change positions being in attack to an upright position. This is another advantage.
  • Because of the length of the MTB shorts, you’ll also be less vulnerable to insecticides like ticks.
  • Overall these shorts are not produced in masses, unlike other normal shorts. These are designed especially for mountain biking and off roads where comfort and protection is a priority. That’s another reason why mountain biking shorts are expensive.

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Are mountain biking shorts worth it?

Yes, mountain bike shorts are worth it because they’re very much comfortable on the hard saddle, more protective because of the length, protection against small scratches and wounds, dry up very fast compared to the normal shorts and have extra pockets which help you keep your portable accessories.

They’re are one of the most essential outfit requirements you need for mountain biking. As you know mountain biking accessories and gear are expensive, but they’re worth every single penny because whenever you are into a challenging sport like mountain biking, safety should be your priority and also they’re comfortable.

It’s not mandatory to have biking short as long as your ass is comfortable with the hard seats, haha but the thing this you’ll have extra protection mainly during singletrack because they protect the upper region of the leg from obstacles like branches and rocks.

Some get it for the pockets. Instead of the huge backpacks, they use pockets to store the most essential things.

Sometimes they’re insanely priced but they’re worth it as I said giving you so many options sometimes also helps you with getting rid of backpacks.

What is the difference between cheap MTB shorts and expensive ones?

The typical mountain biking shorts with all the specs mentioned above are expensive. When you’re talking about the cheaper ones, they’ll probably end up not having some of the features and specs that a typical mountain biking shorts should have.

So let’s talk about the differences between the cheaper ones that you might see on Amazon after having so many filters with a price.

  • The first difference is the fabrics(both for outer panels and pad). The fabrics used in the cheaper ones are not made of good quality so it will not be helpful with the protection for your legs. There is also a difference in gripper style for your legs.
  • Durability is also a major issue to be considered. After riding one season with the cheaper shorts you’ll find that chamois will be completely eaten out and ends up with no padding. Expensive Mountain bike shorts are more durable for a long time.
  • The cheaper biking shorts can be less comfortable compared to the expensive mountain biking shorts. Cheaper ones can make your lower region take more stress from the scratching saddle and also can create some pain in your ass. Also, expensive mountain shorts give your legs a lot of room while hitting the corners and technical terrains whereas cheaper shorts can be tight.

But all these mentioned differences are not mandatory, some cheaper ones also come with good quality fabrics but the thing is to avoid the super cheap ones which will easily get eaten by the rides you hit. Just make sure your shorts have all the mentioned specifications. You need to spend a few extra bucks on good quality mountain biking shorts for long term use and safety yourself.

What mountain biking shorts do I need?

It all depends on where you are riding. My recommendation would be to go with baggy shorts if you’re riding on typical mountain biking terrains. As you know the other type of mountain biking shorts are lycra and they’re only good for road bikers or riding in moderate trails.

Lycra shorts are also good to some extent they’re made of lycra material and sometimes they are also padded in the right areas.

When it comes to going for long and technical rides, baggy shorts are the way to go. They are categorized as built-in liners and also come with separate liners. Both have their advantages, but these are the best ones for any mountain biker.

The advantages of having baggy shorts for mountain biking are simple, they’re much more comfortable, long, durable, and overall come up with better protection compared to the normal or lycra cycling shorts.

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What are the most expensive MTB shorts?

The most expensive mountain biking shorts that I have found is by fox racing. They are priced around $160-$170 for the best version type. There are other MTB shorts that range from $110-$150 for example vista shorts by pearl Izumi, defend kevlar which is also by fox racing, and glidepath mountain bike shorts by 7Mesh.

What makes them expensive? What are the most common things found in these expensive shorts? 

Most of the MTB shorts mentioned above are mainly made of polyester or nylon with a small percentage of elastane or spandex.

Another major reason for its cost is quality. Most of the cheaper shorts found on Amazon for $10 are not even close to the shorts mentioned above.

The durability, comfort, and comfort are much better than the cheaper ones.

  • All these mountain biking shorts have a waterproof coating for protection and give you the best experience on rainy days.
  • They come with extra pockets in the right areas which helps you to store the essential portable things for yourself and if possible you can also get rid of backpacks if you don’t have a bigger load to bring.
  • All these shorts are elastic and give you more room and range of motion for a better riding experience.

Basically, it’s all about the quality of the shorts. They’re amazing for the price.

My takeaway!!

Why are mountain bike shorts so expensive? They are expensive because of their durability, strength, comfort, and also are much better than normal shorts.

As I said, they’re worth every penny so never make the mistake of buying $10 biking shorts that get worn up easily.

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Keep riding😉

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