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Wheelies are some of the amazing skills that every biker should have. Doing this kind of stunts is just so much fun. But what about the impacts?

Do wheelies damage your mountain bike?

Yes, wheelies can damage your mountain bike to a minor extent in the long term if you’re not good at the landing and you’re regularly taking falls. But in most cases, wheelies will not damage your MTB, as you know mountain bikes are designed for off-road and they’re very good at taking stress. 

As I said, it mostly depends on the rider and the possible damages don’t put in too much impact on the mountain bikes.

In this article, I’ll discuss everything about why wheelies can damage your mountain bike and everything related to the main topic.

Are mountain bikes good for wheelies?

Yes, mountain bikes are good for wheelies and the bike has nothing to do with wheelies. It all depends on the biker’s posture, skill, and technique. If you compare MTB to a BMX, BMX wins because of its lighter weight. 

There are two factors that come into play.

  • One is the bike strength structure and weight of the bike.
  • The second factor is your wheelie skills

Let’s discuss the first factor.

When it comes to mountain bikes, they are the heaviest compared to the other bikes in the cycling industry. If you compare them to the road bikes, hybrid or BMX, they’re heavy and expensive. Because they’re designed to be very tough at the trails.

So when you’re talking about the weight, yes mountain bikes will lose a point. Because the lighter the bike is, the easier you can perform the wheelies. But that doesn’t mean that you cannot wheelie on a mountain bike.

Some things are easily adjustable like saddle height, stem length, brakes, and tires which I’ll be discussing in the later section of this article.

Sometimes mountain bike wheelbase and chainstay tend to be long and big. Which also affects the wheelie skills of the bike. 29er mountain bikes are an example of that. They have a longer wheelbase making it a little difficult compared to the other bikes. But still, it mainly depends on the rider.

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So let’s talk about the main topic.

The best thing about a mountain bike is that even if it is a little heavier for wheelies compared to other bikes but it’s still one of the best options for wheelies. Here’s why

Mountain bikes are mainly designed for off-road and technical riding purposes that’s why they are so strong and can handle a lot of stress compared to other bikes. This is a huge advantage for someone who’s still thinking about the potential impacts that can cause some damage to his mountain bike.

At the end of the wheelie, you gotta land the front of the mountain bike. After landing, the most common damage that can cause is on your front suspension, wheel, and spokes.

Compared to other bikes, mountain bikes are purely based on strong suspension making them easily handle these minor drops. In most cases, there won’t be any damage to your mountain bike.

But still, as I said it depends on the biker. If he’s not good at wheelie and the riding techniques. He will damage the bike whatsoever. Another rare thing is the quality of the bike. The cheapest quality cross country mountain bikes can be damaged in the long run, if you don’t land them very smoothly.

How do wheelies damage your mountain bike?

As I said, most of the time wheelies don’t damage your mountain bike. Let’s discuss some conditions where there is a possibility of damages that can happen on your mountain bike.

First thing, the rider is not good at hitting wheelies, he’s more prone to injuring himself and also his bike.

If he keeps on falling, that can damage the chainstay, frame of the bike, and also the other components of the mountain bike which mainly depends on how he falls.

This is one of the possible conditions, the second condition is about the cheaper mountain bikes.

If it is a cheap mountain bike, there’s a possibility of having damage on the spoke in the long run. It also depends on how you land your bike. If you’re landing the cheap MTB’s very roughly, then yes there is a small probability of damaging your spoke and also the frame of the bike if you’re good at falling.

But for the most part, if you have a good mountain bike and also if you’re good at doing stunts like wheelie you don’t need to worry about the damages and impacts on your mountain bike.

How to avoid damage on your mountain bike?

Most of the tips mentioned in this section would be for the ones who have cheap mountain bikes.

  • The first tip would be to get a better mountain bike. If you’re really interested in mountain biking, then you gotta have a good quality mountain bike. Not the ones which are not durable and are super cheap. Get a good mountain bike that is within your budget. There are some good-quality mountain bikes out there that are good at handling stress.
  • If you still have a cheap mountain bike, I would suggest you get some classes on doing this kind of stunts. So you can easily reduce the possibility of falling from your mountain bike. Even if you have a good quality mountain bike, reducing the possibility of falling will reduce 99% of the potential damage.
  • The third tip is to have durable components like durable spokes, rings, and good-quality tires. That’s it!

Which type of mountain bike is good for wheelies?

So when you’re talking about the mountain bike that is good for wheelies, it’s mostly going to be the bikes in which you can easily perform wheelies.

I would suggest you choose a lighter mountain bike because the lighter the bike is, the easier it to push the pedal up for better control. Some of the mountain bikes are beast and tend to be heavier like the full suspension bikes like downhill, enduro, and also trail.

The lighter ones are the hardtail cross country bikes, they’re more fun for wheelies because at on average they weigh around 25-26 pounds which is light compared to heavier bikes which weigh more than 30 pounds in most cases.

Also, mountain bikes with smoother gear, smaller chainstays, and smaller wheelbases will work great compared to other bikes with longer features.

These are some of the recommendations that you should look for while getting an ideal mountain bike for wheelies.

Examples for MTB’s that are good for wheelies

Let’s name some of the examples that reduce your time for buying a perfect mountain bike for wheelies.

  • Diamondback bicycles hook 27.5 hardtail
  • Mongoose mountain bike fireball
  • Schwinn bonafide men’s MTB

There are so many bikes in the market that good for wheelies, the mentioned above mountain bikes are some of the best ones to choose and I have mentioned only 3 to reduce your time In choosing the best bike for yourself.

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Is it harder to wheelie a 29er?

Yes, compared to other types of mountain bikes they’re harder to wheelie because of the longer wheelbase and longer chainstay.

They’re just going to be big and a little heavy compared to other mountain bikes.

How do I get better at wheelies with my MTB to reduce the damages?

  • The first tip would be to protect yourself with proper gear like a knee pad, elbow pad, helmet, and gloves. This will help you with proper safety.
  • Also, have proper adjustments with your saddle height and stem length. Keep your bike saddle in the lowest position possible. This will help you improve balance and have a perfect posture for your stunt.
  • Some of the experts suggest you use flat pedals, but it all depends on your comfort. Some of them are good at flat and others are good at clipless, it mainly depends on your pedaling skills. Also, remember to push your pedal rather than pulling it out, this is a sign where you’re going to lose control of your MTB.
  • Also for proper handling and control, shorten your stem and keep your bike handlebars higher. This helps you with proper control of your mountain bike.
  • Some after setting up all these things, make sure you are in the right posture and position. I would recommend you to stay in the natural mountain biking position.
  • Try exploding the upper body by moving your chest forward and backward to have a balance point and so you can push your pedals to make your front wheel go up and also make sure you don’t lose control over your pedals and keep pedaling harder whenever you get a proper balance. While landing, you should slowly stop pedaling and hit the brake to land your front wheel on the ground.

These were some of the general tips to start with a wheelie. But the main thing would be the experience of practicing these stunts.

What is the best gear to wheelie a mountain bike?

The short answer is there is no best specific gear that is good for wheelie a mountain bike but I would recommend you to choose a low gear to medium gear depending on your body and leg strength. Don’t keep it too low, sometimes you might pedal from the 2 o’clock position to the 5 o’clock position too shortly. 

My takeaway

Does wheelie damage your mountain bike? No, they don’t damage your mountain bike because mountain bikes are very good at handling stress unless you regularly fall while doing a wheelie and you have a cheap quality mountain bike.

As I said in my article, just learn how to do a wheelie and you’ll have no possible impacts that can damage your mountain bike and also make sure you follow all my tips on how to reduce the potential damages and being better at it.

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Keep riding😉