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People who have eye problems generally wear glasses and but that can be a small problem for mountain bikers. Let’s get straight to the question.

Can you wear goggles over glasses?Yes, you can wear MTB goggles over glasses there’s no problem with that. But you can only fit your goggles if you’re frame and size of glasses permits it and the best choice is to go with OTG or prescription glasses and contact lens if you’re not riding technical or downhill.

As I said you can wear goggles over your glasses but it also depends on what goggles and glasses you’re wearing.

In this article, I’ll discuss everything about riding with goggles over glasses and everything related to the main topic.

Let’s dive in.

What are the best options for wearing MTB goggles with glasses?

There are so many options as mentioned in the intro part. But it mainly depends on what you like for your eye comfort and riding style.

As you know wearing mountain biking goggles is not mandatory, it can make some difference while riding downhill or any technical terrain where you’re more vulnerable to dust and small rocks. In other cases, you can go with good tinted shades that help you against the sunlight.

So let’s get into the main topic about the best choices for a mountain biker having an eye problem.

Wearing OTG over glasses is the best option

OTG goggles are nothing but over the glasses goggles which are mainly designed for wearing over glasses.

These are big and almost similar to ski or snowboarding glasses and hence takes up a large area in covering your eyes. There’s a layer of foam and then comes with a perimeter of the rubber frame.

Most of the time OTG goggles have notches at the side of the goggle frame, this helps in proper fit and cover the glasses rather than coming out of the eye area. This makes it the best option for wearing goggles over glasses.

But many of the riders are not much into the big goggles covering the face and it’s sometimes irritating because they’re almost similar to snowboarding goggles and also goggles are only good for downhill, dusty trails, and winter season to protect your eye from getting fogged up or having protection against the dust.

Going with contact lenses

This is another great option compared to glasses. You can go with any goggles or sports glasses & sunglasses you want with contact lenses. You don’t need a specific mountain biking OTG goggle.

For the new ones wearing contact lenses, it can disturb for you to clean and change it every day as your daily routine. But trust me it’s much better than wearing glasses once you get adjusted to the lenses and also in mountain biking you don’t need any specific OTG goggles which tend to be expensive. You can go with normal MTB goggles which fits normal to your head and eye section.

If you get contact lenses, make sure to bring eye drops with you while riding. It becomes a different situation for your eyes and can easily get dried up.

However, most of them don’t get adjusted with prescribed contact lenses. For this, you can go with prescribed sports glasses and goggles which I’ll be discussing in the next section of this article.

Wearing prescription sports goggles and glasses

When you’re talking about goggles, they are mostly used during riding downhill and technical terrain. But most of the time, you can go with glasses and that’s where prescription glasses come into play.

You don’t need goggles to be over your glasses, just wear the prescription sports or MTB glasses for riding in heavy sunlight.

Or for riding downhill or dusty trails, you can also go with goggles with a prescription in them. That’s another alternative, you gotta fix this up with your eye specialist and get a good pair of MTB goggles with a prescription in them, or in rare cases, you can also go with goggle inserts with normal prescription glasses also known as safety goggles.

Wearing ski/snowboarding goggles over glasses

This is the last option and these are almost similar to OTG goggles when it comes to size and functionalities. If your glass frame is huge that’s a different case. Then you should be looking to have a perfect combination. But generally, snow goggles are enough.

Some mountain bikers don’t prefer snow/ski goggles for mountain biking because of their cost and extra features which makes no sense for mountain biking. Sometimes they don’t even fit the mountain biking helmet and be warm for you riding in summer.

When it comes to winter they amazing as they’re big and are good in cold conditions.

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Overall, they are a good option for wearing them over the glasses.

Cons of wearing goggles with glasses

There are some disadvantages to going with mtb goggles and glasses. This depends on the type of goggles you’re wearing and also the size of the glasses. If it’s OTG there’s not much problem with wearing goggles over glasses. But for wearing normal MTB goggles over glasses, there is a small disadvantage that may cause small comfort.

It’s all about fogging up on your glasses. This is a small discomfort around your eye section. Mainly in cold regions on normal days, it’s not a big problem.

The second con is sometimes the Mtb helmet mainly full-face doesn’t fit properly with the big goggles and that can end up causing pressure on the frame of the glasses and can be very uncomfortable.

Tips for finding the best MTB goggles to wear with glasses

  • The first tip is to be a focus on comfort and the security of the goggle. If it causes discomfort in wearing glasses. thats, not a good sign, you should get a good pair of goggles which properly fit with your glasses. Sometimes the frame of the glasses might be too big to get adjusted with goggles, in that case, you gotta change your glasses for better comfort.
  • And always go with OTG if possible, that’s the best option present for the ones who are looking to wear goggles over glasses. You can also go with ski goggles if it fits your glasses or contact lenses as mentioned in the previous section of this article, can also be a good option if you’re looking to ditch your glasses.
  • The last tip would be to choose the goggles which have the important features to protect your eye section while riding trails. Look for the roll-off technology glasses. These are so good at easy removal of mud or dust that sticks into the goggles. 

OTG goggles tend to be rare and very less manufactured in the market. So it depends on you for choosing the right option it can also be contact lenses or OTG goggles to properly fit with your glasses.

Examples for MTB goggles to be worn with glasses

Let’s reduce your time in searching for the right goggles for wearing over your glasses.

  • Scott OTG goggles 
  • 100% Accuri OTG goggles 
  • Accuri forecast 

As I said, there are very fewer options for specific mtb OTG goggles, there are many ski OTG goggles which are fine if it fits with your glasses and helmet.

But, all the models mentioned above are some of the best ones and have every feature that a goggle should have. So choose the one which properly fits with your glasses and helmet sometimes ski goggles don’t fit with the full-face helmet.

My takeaway!

Can you wear safety mtb goggles over glasses? Yes, you can wear goggles with glasses. It depends on the size of the frame if your glasses fit with your mtb goggles.

The best option is to go with over-glasses goggles also known as OTG goggles which are specially made for wearing over the glasses.

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Keep riding😉