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Dropper works amazing for full suspension and can be greatly beneficial when it comes to having better speed. But what about hardtail bikes?

Can you add a dropper post for the hardtail bike?

Yes, you can definitely add a dropper post to your hardtail bike and it is much more beneficial and efficient on hardtail bikes because of the no rear suspension which makes you have better control over the rear end with the addition of the dropper post.  

People are really confused about these questions, most of the beginners with no experience with hardtail bikes what’s so ever.

In this article, I’ll discuss everything about why you should be using dropper post on a hardtail bike and everything about the main topic.

Why you should be using dropper post on a hardtail bike?

Dropper post for every mountain bike is now a great trend. They were mainly designed for full suspension bikes for hitting the steeps and going uphill whenever they wanted. It was started with annual adjustments then later turned out to be the push-button system.

But when it comes to hardtail bikes, riders are not aware of the benefits of installing a dropper seat post to their hardtail bike.

Hardtail bikes are basically the ones that do not have the rear suspension makes them less strong compared to full suspension bikes in handling the stress and you being comfortable.

But the stress is mainly determined by how you handle the bike. It’s all about how you handle the bike. With no rear suspension on hardtail bikes, the rear end of the bike will kick up a bit more compared to full suspension hence being uncomfortable for you.

But with dropper post enhances your performance and ability to use your body to have better controls. At the end of the day, your body and legs are the best suspensions for yourself self.

The second one would be adjustability. You can raise it anytime you want with one push button. Mainly when it comes to going steeps, which the hardtail bikes actually struggle. Installing a dropper post will benefit you from being a good descender and having better controls over the steep technical terrains.

As you know most if hardtail bikes are not designed for technical terrains, there comes another type called burly or aggressive hardtails which are more efficient compared to the normal cross country hardtails.

You can also have an advantage of weights because dropper seat posts are mainly manufactured in two types of carbon and aluminum. As you know most of the companies are pushing carbon material for most of the components of its bike. Having a carbon seat post will make you faster and improve performance by cutting down a few grams.

Also, it would hard for a long traditional Seatpost installed bike to be controlled by a rider on steep and rocky trails. It’s not safe and you’ll have very little control over handling the bike. A dropper post is the new big thing wheel industry and will continue to get upgraded by every year.

Even for climbing or going uphill, it’s not going to be a big problem because it’s adjustable and can be adjusted to have better-pedaling efficiency for going uphill but still, it can be an amazing upgrade for your bike in terms of cornering and having proper control over your bike.

Would you descend faster with a dropper seat post?

Yes, you’ll descend faster with a dropper installed on your hardtail bike compared to a traditional seat post because it gives you more control over your handling on downhill steeps or any descending technical terrains. 

As you know hardtail bikes are not that good at downhill, but still can be improved with a small tweak which can create a major impact on your speed and ability to handle the bike. Yes, the hardtail bike doesn’t have any 200m dual crown fork but can have a dropper post.

Is dropper post worth it for hardtail bikes?

Yes, the dropper seat post is worth it for their price which ranges from $80 to sometimes $300+ because of its ability to have better performance on a steep downhill, improves biker’s cornering ability, and improves speed on rocky and technical sections of the ride. 

The price depends mostly on the brand and the type of dropper post you buy for your hardtail bike. There are mainly three types, mechanical, hydraulic, and electronic ones. A mechanical dropper post is the cheapest one and tends to be more manual. Then comes the hydraulic and the last one is electronic dropper posts with a proper closed system see the most expensive ones around $250-$300+.

It all depends on you and your budget interests, in my opinion, all these seat posts are designed for the same thing but with different features. All the models are worth it, it depends on you when it comes to choosing the right one for your bike, and let’s discuss this part in detail in the later section of this article.

Hardtail MTB with dropper post vs Full suspension with no dropper post

The short answer is hardtail wins when it comes to speed. Yes, although full suspension bikes are much better overall without a dropper post they might lose the completion in speed with a hardtail installed with a dropper post.

Having a dropper seat post no matter what bike you have, it’s going to make your bike faster on rocky trails because you have full control over your bike’s handling and you have better cornering compared to the bike without a dropper post.

Although with a dropper post, the full-suspension crushes hardtail bikes on speed and also in handling the technical stress. There’s no comparison on that.

How to choose a perfect dropper post for your hardtail MTB?

Dropper posts used for full suspension and hardtail bikes are the same, but it depends on the bike’s specific model structure which we will discuss in this section.

  • The first one is the seat tube diameter combing with the dropper seat post diameter. Before getting a new one, make sure to the check the number printed on the current seat post. Most of the time’s mountain biking Seatpost diameter comes up with 30.9mm and 31.6mm and rarely you’ll find 34.9mm.
  • The second one would be the insertion length. Dropper post length would fit the insertion length of your hardtail bike. Basically, it’s all about dropper post being comfortable and proper fit for you and your bike.
  • The third one is the travel length for a dropper post.  It’s all about the maximum length of the dropper Seatpost when extended. Also, make sure to have proper height adjustment and length, or else it can end up being too high for you while climbing.
  • Dropper post of your hardtail bike use cables to connect the lever and also sometimes remote on your handlebar. It’s connected in two ways internal and external. Also make sure to check the bike’s ability, because if your bike is not designed to have internal cable routing it will support an internal dropper post.

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What are the best dropper posts for hardtail bikes?

Let me save you some time in having the best dropper post for your hardtail bikes.

  • Rockshox Axs
  • Magura vyron elect wireless remote
  • Pnw Rainier
  • Crankbrothers Highline 3
  • Fox transfer factory
  • Ks lev
  • Bike yoke revive

All the models mentioned above come in different travel lengths ranging from 80mm-200mm and with all types of diameter.

Can you put a dropper post on any bike?

Yes, you can put dropper post on any bike but not the same dropper post in simple words it depends on the bike feature including the seat post diameter, insertion length, ability to get connected with an internal dropper post, and many more. 

If the question is,

Are mountain biking dropper post universal?

The answer is no!!

But you can fit the dropper post for any bike you want depending on its diameter.

Can I do drops on a hardtail bike?

Yes, you can do drops on a hardtail bike, but they’re only good at jumps because of their lightweight but when it comes to drops and landing they’re not that good compared to full suspension bikes.

It also depends on the biker’s skill and smooth landing techniques. But for the most part, they lose a point when it comes to landing because of no rear suspension. My recommendation is to go with aggressive hardtails rather than going with traditional hardtails.

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